Thank you everyone for stopping by and seeing us. Our website is always under construction but we are always trying to keep things as up to date as possible. Social Media has kind of spoiled us when it comes to website updating so make sure to find us on facebook and like our page Rollnoaks FarmandKennels and get live updates from shows and daily life, you can also send us instant messages through facebook messenger where I try to stay in full contact A.S.A.P. Since you are here feel free to look around and look at our changes. We have added some dogs and have been evolving daily trying to improve the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed one day at a time. 

      Thinking back since we bought our domain name their has been so many changes in our lives. Starting off in the Appaloosa industry for a lifetime to having Pembrokes to bring to horse shows with us, to now showing those pembrokes and striving to constantly improve our breed with new ambitions, dreams, and goals everyday just like we had within our lifetime of the Appaloosa industry. Although we have expanded so much in the Pembroke breed we still have some horses and always will. The Word Is Out who is a 2 time Reserve National Champion and Won the Nation in Yearling Colts is still in the barn, or in his paddock retired and enjoying life day by day. Shes A Hottie is that was 2nd in the Nation in Most Colorful at Halter with over 100 points that year is enjoying her relaxed life grazing and relaxing. To think back on all of our accomplishments in the horses from Dee Untouchable, Private Password, Dignified Kid, The Word Is Out and it goes on, to the semi-retirement of the horses we have left that are more beautiful then we ever would have imagined we ever would have had thinking back 30 years ago. We could not ask for more, we miss our horse family and wish we could see eveyone each weekend like the old days, but we trust all happens for a reason. Now we are creating our dog family that we see so often at shows. People that are so similar to our horse family. I swear their are even a few doppelgangers.

     Luckily we were able to combine so much knowledge from the years with halter and pleasure horses into the Pembroke breed. So many of our same basics are still there. Toplines, movement, correct hocks, straight fronts, correct angle, long necks and pretty. It is amazing how just totally changing a species of animal that is full time in your life still allows you to keep the base of everything you always looked for. Of course their are so many differences but that base of what we like is still the same and always will be.

      So everyone please enjoy the site, take your time to read everything and look at the few horses we still have on here. The Pembrokes are slowly taking over the whole site. Rolex will always have his page though. He was our dream that finally came true and no matter what he will always have a page on the internet. Any questions you may have feel free to contact us and bare with our updates, some pages are still a mess. Even if your an old friend and want to catch up, we are a call, text or email away. Thanks for stopping by and talk to you soon​​​​​​
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